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Lagos, Nigeria; Lagos (Nigeria); Lagosian; City of Lagos; Lagaos; Las Gidi; Lasgidi; Lagos city; Lagos (city); Lagos, Lagos State; Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria; Lagos, Lagos; Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria; Lagos Metropolitan Area; Metropolitan Lagos; Mainland (Lagos); Island (Lagos); Geography of Lagos; Falomo garden; Tourism in Lagos; Music of Lagos; Economy of Lagos; Universities in Lagos; List of people from Lagos; Education in Lagos; Parks in Lagos
  • Lagos Marina
  • [[Tinubu Square]] in 1962 with a modernist fountain
  • Apapa port
  • Arewa Traditional Kitchen
  • Civic Towers, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Filming set in Lagos
  • Dangote refinery as of October 2022
  • Newspaper illustration from 1852, showing the [[reduction of Lagos]] by British forces
  • Dowen College in Lagos
  • [[Eko Atlantic]] a project at the mouth of [[Lagos Lagoon]] under construction, extending and further developing Victoria Island (imaged from [[Tarkwa Bay Beach]])
  • Lagos, its ports, airports, free trade zone and light rail system
  • Aerial view of Ikoyi
  • Logistics hub, close to Epe
  • [[Lekki Conservation Centre]] canopy walk
  • University of Lagos central buildings and Lagoon Front Park
  • Satellite image of Lagos
  • Lagos Marina (around 1900)
  • Lagos saw protest regarding house and land tax in 1895
  • Aerial view of Lagos in 1929
  • The Lagos Black Heritage Festival Parade, 2012
  • Lagos Business School's Cafeteria
  • Lagos Business School
  • Map of Lagos's initial city boundaries, showing its contemporary districts. This definition is rarely used in the present day; the expanded metropolitan area is now a more accepted definition of Lagos.
  • Entrance of the Lekki Free Trade Zone
  • National Stadium]].
  • LGAs]] making up Lagos Metropolitan Area
  • Lagos market scene
  • [[National Arts Theatre]], Iganmu, Lagos
  • Toll gates and roads at the Lekki-Ẹpẹ Expressway
  • [[Silverbird Galleria]] of [[Silverbird Group]]
  • The Landmark Beach with the urban development [[Eko Atlantic]] in the background
  • [[Elegushi Beach]]
  • Cathedral Church of Christ]] at the central Marina on Lagos Island
  • Tinubu Square
  • Tree growing in Freedom Park

Lagos, largest city and former capital of Nigeria



Lagos (Nigerian English: ; Yoruba: Èkó) is the most populous city in Nigeria as well as Africa with an estimated population of 15.9 million in 2015. The estimated population for Lagos city was more than 24 million in 2022; and around 30 million for the Lagos metropolitan area, including the suburban area reaching far into the neighbouring Ogun State, thus making Lagos the most populous urban area in Africa. Lagos was the national capital of Nigeria until December 1991 following the government's decision to move their capital to Abuja in the centre of the country. Lagos is a major African financial centre and is the economic hub of Lagos State and Nigeria at large. The city has been described as the cultural, financial, and entertainment capital of Africa, and is a significant influence on commerce, entertainment, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, and fashion. Lagos is also among the top ten of the world's fastest-growing cities and urban areas. The megacity has the fourth-highest GDP in Africa and houses one of the largest and busiest seaports on the continent. The Lagos metropolitan area is a major educational and cultural centre in Sub Saharan Africa. Due to the large urban population and port traffic volumes, Lagos is classified as a Medium-Port Megacity.

Lagos emerged as a home to the Awori subgroup of the Yoruba of West Africa islands, which are contained in the present day Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Lagos Island, Eti-Osa, Amuwo-Odofin and Apapa. The islands are separated by creeks, fringing the southwest mouth of Lagos Lagoon, while being protected from the Atlantic Ocean by barrier islands and long sand spits such as Bar Beach, which stretch up to 100 km (62 mi) east and west of the mouth. Due to rapid urbanisation, the city expanded to the west of the lagoon to include areas in the present day Lagos Mainland, Ajeromi-Ifelodun, and Surulere. This led to the classification of Lagos into two main areas: the Island, which was the original city of Lagos, and the Mainland, which it has since expanded into. This city area was governed directly by the Federal Government through the Lagos City Council, until the creation of Lagos State in 1967, which led to the splitting of Lagos city into the present-day seven Local Government Areas (LGAs), and an addition of other towns (which now make up 13 LGAs) from the then Western Region to form the state.

However, the state capital was later moved to Ikeja in 1976, and the federal capital moved to Abuja in 1991. Even though Lagos is still widely referred to as a city, the present-day Lagos, also known as "Metropolitan Lagos", and officially as "Lagos Metropolitan Area" is an urban agglomeration or conurbation, consisting of 16 LGAs including Ikeja, the state capital of Lagos State. This conurbation makes up 37% of Lagos State total land area, but houses about 85% of the state's total population.

The population of Metropolitan Lagos is disputed. In the 2006 federal census data, the conurbation had a population of about 8 million people. However, the figure was disputed by the Lagos State Government, which later released its own population data, putting the population of Lagos Metropolitan Area at approximately 16 million. Daily, the Lagos area is growing by some 3,000 people or around 1.1 million annually, so the true population figure of the greater Lagos area in 2022 is roughly 28 million (up from some 23.5 million in 2018). Lagos may therefore have overtaken Kinshasa as Africa's most populous city. As of 2015, unofficial figures put the population of "Greater Metropolitan Lagos", which includes Lagos and its surrounding metro area, extending as far as into Ogun State, at approximately 21 million.

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2. vendredi 12 mai 2006 (Reuters – 15:55) LAGOS – L‘explosion d‘un oléoduc vendredi sur une île des faubourgs de Lagos a fait une centaine de morts, annonce la Croix–Rouge nigériane.
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