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Lamaze - translation to french

Lamaz; Lamaze method; Lamaze method of childbirth; Lamaze in India; Lamaze In India; Lamaze; Psychoprophylactic method; La maz; Le maz

Lamaze, family name; Lamaze Method, method which prepares expectant mother's for natural childbirth
Fernand Lamaze         
Fernand Lamaze (1890-1957), French obstetrician who developed the Lamaze Method


Lamaze technique

The Lamaze technique, also known as the psychoprophylactic method or simply Lamaze, began as a prepared childbirth technique. As an alternative to medical intervention during childbirth, it was popularized in the 1950s by French obstetrician Dr. Fernand Lamaze and based on his observations in the Soviet Union. The goal of Lamaze is to build a mother's confidence in her ability to give birth, through classes that help pregnant women understand how to cope with pain in ways that both facilitate labor and promote comfort, including relaxation techniques, movement, and massage.

There is a training and certification program available to practitioners, leading to the Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) designation.

Pronunciation examples for Lamaze
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