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MASER; Microwave laser; Masers; Irasers; List of maser types; Micromaser; Microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation; Masers in science fiction; Ammonia maser; Radio laser; Raser
  • quadrupole]] state selector, and the resonant cavity is at right. The 24 GHz microwaves exit through the vertical [[waveguide]] Townes is adjusting. At bottom are the vacuum pumps.
  • A hydrogen maser.
  • hydrogen maser]] (see description below)

maser, device for amplifying microwaves by radiation (used for amplification and in radar equipment); amplification of the micro waves by the stimulated emission
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¦ noun a form of laser generating a beam of microwaves.
1950s: acronym from microwave amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.



A maser (, an acronym for microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is a device that produces coherent electromagnetic waves through amplification by stimulated emission. The first maser was built by Charles H. Townes, James P. Gordon, and Herbert J. Zeiger at Columbia University in 1953. Townes, Nikolay Basov and Alexander Prokhorov were awarded the 1964 Nobel Prize in Physics for theoretical work leading to the maser. Masers are also used as the timekeeping device in atomic clocks, and as extremely low-noise microwave amplifiers in radio telescopes and deep-space spacecraft communication ground stations.

Modern masers can be designed to generate electromagnetic waves at not only microwave frequencies but also radio and infrared frequencies. For this reason, Townes suggested replacing microwave with the word molecular as the first word in the acronym maser.

The laser works by the same principle as the maser but produces higher frequency coherent radiation at visible wavelengths. The maser was the forerunner of the laser, inspiring theoretical work by Townes and Arthur Leonard Schawlow that led to the invention of the laser in 1960 by Theodore Maiman. When the coherent optical oscillator was first imagined in 1957, it was originally called the "optical maser". This was ultimately changed to laser for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". Gordon Gould is credited with creating this acronym in 1957.

Pronunciation examples for MASER
1. In places like Gabon, I'm helping the government maser
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Examples of use of MASER
1. L‘horloge atomique maser ŕ hydrog';ne permet de garantir une précision de quelques dizaines de centim';tres au niveau du positionnement au sol.
2. Le Centre suisse d‘électronique et de microtechnique (CSEM) ŕ Neuchâtel a participé au développement de ces horloges atomiques et a conçu le prototype de l‘horloge maser ŕ hydrog';ne embarquée sur le satellite GIOVE–B.
3. La plateforme extérieure accueillera aussi, en 200', un projet franco–suisse de nouvelle génération d‘horloge atomique, par refroidissement d‘atomes: l‘Observatoire de Neuchâtel testera un maser ŕ hydrog';ne capable de résister ŕ l‘environnement hostile du vide spatial.