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Miming; Mime artistry; Mimes; Pantomimus; Mime and Pantomime; Pantomimic; Street mime; Mime Artist; Mime; Mime artists; Mimestry; Pantomiming; Pantomime (silent performance)
  • ''[[A Dog's Life]]'' (1918), [[Charlie Chaplin]]
  • Mime artists Jean Soubeyran and Brigitte Soubeyran in 1950
  • Whitefaced mime on Boston Common in 1980

MIME, Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension, standard which allows one to transfer any type of file by electronic mail on the Internet (Computers, Internet)
gesture, mime, mimic
n. miming


(mimes, miming, mimed)
Mime is the use of movements and gestures in order to express something or tell a story without using speech.
Music, mime and strong visual imagery play a strong part in the productions...
...a mime artist.
If you mime something, you describe or express it using mime rather than speech.
It featured a solo dance in which a woman in a short overall mimed a lot of dainty housework...
I remember asking her to mime getting up in the morning.
VERB: V n/-ing, V n/-ing, also V
If you mime, you pretend to be singing or playing an instrument, although the music is in fact coming from a CD or cassette.
Richey's not miming, he's playing very quiet guitar...
In concerts, the group mime their songs...
The waiters mime to records playing on the jukebox.
VERB: V, V n, V to n


Mime artist

A mime artist, or simply mime (from Greek μῖμος, mimos, "imitator, actor"), is a person who uses mime (also called pantomime outside of Britain), the acting out of a story through body motions without the use of speech, as a theatrical medium or as a performance art. In earlier times, in English, such a performer would typically be referred to as a mummer. Miming is distinguished from silent comedy, in which the artist is a character in a film or skit without sound.

Jacques Copeau, strongly influenced by Commedia dell'arte and Japanese Noh theatre, used masks in the training of his actors. His pupil Étienne Decroux was highly influenced by this, started exploring and developing the possibilities of mime, and developed corporeal mime into a highly sculptural form, taking it outside the realms of naturalism. Jacques Lecoq contributed significantly to the development of mime and physical theatre with his training methods. As a result of this, the practice of mime has been included in the Inventory of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in France since 2017.

Pronunciation examples for MIME
1. a mime artist--
But Don't Call Me Chong! _ Cheech Marin _ Talks at Google
2. Mime Night, we did.
Mastering Life Balance _ Gary Kunath _ Talks at Google
3. He's just a brilliant mime.
Jesse Eisenberg, Bella Ramsey & Jonathan Jakubowicz _ Resistance _ Talks at Google
4. mime-like, I might add.
Mastering Life Balance _ Gary Kunath _ Talks at Google
5. a mime portraying the body,
Examples of use of MIME
1. Rappelons–le: l‘acte pédagogique fondamental c‘est le mime.
2. Et de fait, la performance du popeur rel';ve autant de la danse que du mime.
3. Contrairement ŕ nombre de ses coll';gues, Gatlin ne mime pas l‘omerta hostile.
4. Une projection vidéo, qui mime le courant du fleuve, fait défiler des ondines aux corps nus.
5. Il a préféré silhouetter une comédie, en mime qui a de qui tenir.