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MST$1$ - translation to English

MSt; M.St.

master degree in science and technology


Pronounced mist. To insert one's own disparaging comments into a (generally bad) piece of work, be it written or in movie format. Utilizes multiple characters who make the snide comments, often with a mythos unto themselves. Taken from the vast Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanbase.
'That self-insertion fic was a piece of utter drivel. It could do with some msting.


Master of Studies

The Master of Studies or Master in Studies (M.St. or MSt; Latin: Magister Studiorum) is a postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of St Andrews, the Australian National University, University of Dublin and the University of Newcastle (Australia). Depending on the degree, it is comparable to the Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Master of Laws, Master of Philosophy, and Master of Science.

Its creation was necessitated, in part, by the fact that the Master of Arts degree at Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin is automatically awarded to graduates after a certain period of time. In contrast, the Master of Studies requires completion of classroom study and a thesis.