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E.I.N.S. (German for "O.N.E.") is the twelfth album by German rock band Böhse Onkelz . It was released in 1996. The album title is not an abbreviation: the dots between the letters should be seen to strengthen and emphasise the word eins ("one").

"E.I.N.S." was voted several times into the Top 10 of the column "Best metal album of all time" from several German magazines like Rock Hard or Metal Hammer.

The cover shows a morphed face with one ear (Kevin Russell), one eye (Matthias "Gonzo" Röhr), nose (Peter "Pe" Schorowsky) and mouth (Stephan Weidner). The followed tour had the name "Unter dem Auge des Gonz" (Under the eyes of Gonz), and at the back of the stage was to see a huge eye.

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