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PC$4$ - translation to English

USS Monsoon (PC 4); USCGC Monsoon (WPC-4); USS Monsoon (PC-4)
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  • Francisco Javier Arellano Felix escorted off USCGC ''Monsoon'' by DEA agents
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type of loan for house purchase


¦ noun a computer small and light enough to be held in one hand.


USS Monsoon

USS Monsoon (PC-4) is the fourth Cyclone-class patrol ship. Monsoon was laid down by Bollinger Shipyards, Lockport, Louisiana on 15 February 1992 and launched 10 October 1992. She was commissioned 22 January 1994 by the United States Navy. She was decommissioned 1 October 2004 and loaned to the United States Coast Guard as USCGC Monsoon (WPC-4). She was returned to the U.S. Navy on 22 August 2008, and decommissioned again on 28 March 2023.