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PEPS - translation to English

PEPS de l'Université Laval; PEPS Stadium; PEPS de l'Universite Laval; TELUS/UL Stadium; Telus Stadium; Pavillon de l'éducation physique et des sports de l'Université Laval; Peps

first in first out, whoever enters before the others finishes before them; method of evaluating the worth of stock
pepper, season with pepper
n. water pepper



The Pavillon de l'éducation physique et des sports de l'Université Laval ("Laval University Sports and Physical Education Complex"), usually called PEPS for short, is a sports complex located in Quebec City, Quebec, on the Université Laval campus. PEPS opened in 1970 and includes an outdoor stadium, an indoor stadium, two indoor swimming pools (aquatic centre), basketball and tennis courts, a fitness centre, and two hockey arenas.

For the 1976 Summer Olympics, it hosted four women's and seven men's team handball competitions.

The main arena seats 2,000 and was home to the reborn Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League from 1997 to 1999 when they moved back to their traditional home at the Colisée Pepsi.

From 2004 to 2018, PEPS was home to the WTA Tour Coupe Banque Nationale. From 2009 to 2012, it was home to the Quebec Kebs basketball franchise in the National Basketball League of Canada.

A major expansion from 2010 to 2012 added an indoor Olympic size swimming pool, a 3,000-seat gymnasium, a covered soccer stadium, and other facilities. Upgrades were also made to the outdoor stadium.

Examples of use of PEPS
1. Les PEPs en général sont une client';le délicate.
2. Pour ça, ils sont bien au PEPS: on n‘attend jamais.
3. Cela va donner du peps ŕ Serono, de nouveaux projets», confie une femme en tailleur gris.
4. C‘est une des choses que le PEPS aide ŕ résorber mais ça prend du temps.
5. Un retour des fusions et acquisitions pourrait redonner du peps aux actions.