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PS - translation to English

Ps; Ps.; P.s; P S; P. S.; PS (disambiguation)

n. post-scriptum
as far as, as much as, until
as far as, as much as, until


Privilege Service (Reference: DCE)



P.S. commonly refers to:

  • Postscript, writing added after the main body of a letter

PS, P.S., ps, and other variants may also refer to:

Pronunciation examples for PS
1. PS.
This Wish _ Bill Griffin _ Talks at Google
2. PS.
Google Goes Gaga _ Lady Gaga _ Talks at Google
3. Remember these three Ps.
The Confidence to Succeed _ Donna Kennedy _ Talks at Google
4. the S&Ps ass.
Building a Modern Art Collection _ Erik Hall _ Talks at Google
5. PS, will you adopt me?
Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton _ Home Work _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of PS
1. Quelle sera l‘attitude du PS ŕ ce propos? – Le PS suivra sa ligne.
2. Un conseiller fédéral PS déplace un homme PS de La Poste aux CFF.
3. Christian Levrat (PS/FR), président du PS, et Fabio Pedrina (PS/TI) veulent éviter ŕ tout prix une vente de CFF Cargo.
4. Voilŕ pourquoi l‘enjeu du congr';s du PS dépasse le PS lui–męme.
5. De gauche ŕ droite: Philippe Perrenoud (PS), Andreas Rickenbacher (PS) et Bernhard Pulver (Verts). Photo: Keystone BERNE.