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Pacini (disambiguation)

Pacini, family name


·adj Of, pertaining to, or discovered by, Filippo Pacini, an Italian physician of the 19th century.



Pacini may refer to the following persons:

  • Piero Pacini da Pescia (flourished 1495-1514), Italian publisher
  • Giovanni Pacini, a 19th-century Italian composer, known mostly for his operas
  • Sante Pacini (1735 - circa 1790), Italian painter and engraver active mostly in Tuscany in an early Neoclassic style
  • Alfredo Pacini, an Italian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Domenico Pacini, an Italian physicist
  • Edoardo Pacini, an Italian footballer
  • Émilien Pacini, a 19th-century French librettist of Italian origin
  • Filippo Pacini, an Italian anatomist
  • Francesco Pacini (born 1906, date of death unknown), Italian modern pentathlete
  • Francesco Pacini (footballer)
  • Franco Pacini, an Italian astrophysicist
  • Giuseppe Pacini, an Italian footballer
  • José Pacini, an Argentine football player
  • Mark Pacini, an American video game designer
  • Regina Pacini, a Portuguese lyric soprano
  • Roberto Pacini, an Italian director, author and theatre and film producer
  • Sophie Pacini (born 1991), German-Italian pianist

It may also refer to:

  • Pacinian corpuscle, mechanoreceptor responsible for sensitivity to deep pressure touch and high frequency vibration