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REM - translation to English

R. E. M.; R. E. M; R E M; REM (disambiguation); REM; Rem (disambiguation); Rem (character)

Röntgen equivalent man
Sievert, unit for the dosage of ionizing radiation equal to 100 rems


<programming> (From "remark") The keyword used in BASIC to introduce a comment (which continues to the end of the line). MS-DOS probably borrowed it from BASIC. Might be used in the form "REM out" meaning to comment out. (1998-04-27)



Rem or REM may refer to:

Pronunciation examples for REM
1. light non-REM, deep non-REM, REM-- the accuracy
Matthew Walker _ Sleep in Uncertain Times _ Talks at Google
2. with REM.
Food As The Great Connector _ Chef Michael Schlow _ Talks at Google
3. It'll block REM sleep.
Matthew Walker _ Sleep in Uncertain Times _ Talks at Google
4. during REM sleep.
The Power of When _ Michael Breus _ Talks at Google
5. This is REM.
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Examples of use of REM
1. Pourquoi se priver de rem';des simples et efficaces?
2. Les Cambodgiennes souffrant d‘acné ont trouvé un rem';de inattendu.
3. Or sur ce point, le rem';de s‘av';re inopérant.
4. Télécoms: attention aux rem';des pires que le mal!
5. Diagnostic de l‘assurance et tour d‘horizon des rem';des potentiels.