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Rajasthani - translation to french

Rajasthani (disambiguation); Rajastani

n. Rajasthani, Indic language spoken in Rajasthan


¦ noun a native or inhabitant of the Indian state of Rajasthan.
¦ adjective relating to Rajasthan.



Rajasthani may refer to:

  • something of, from, or related to Rajasthan, a state of India
  • Rajasthani languages, a group of Indic languages spoken there
  • Rajasthani people, the native inhabitants of the state
  • Rajasthani architecture, Indian architecture as practiced in the state
  • Rajasthani art, arts of the Indian state
  • Rajasthani cuisine, part of Indian cuisine
  • Rajasthani literature, literature written in various genres starting from 1000 AD
  • Rajasthani music, folk, classical and other forms of music from the Indian state
  • Rajasthani painting, a style of Indian miniature painting from the royal courts of the state
  • Cinema of Rajasthan (Rajjywood), Rajasthan Film Industry
Pronunciation examples for Rajasthani
1. Sinhalese, Tamil, , Rajasthani, Bengala.
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2. And here there was an old ladder in a Rajasthani village
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