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SBC Communications Inc - translation to french

Intelisys Communications, Inc; Intelisys Communications, Inc.

SBC Communications Inc.      
SBC Communications Inc., (Telecommunications) American telephone corporation headquartered in San Antonio (Texas, USA), national provider of voice and data telecommunications products and services for consumers, and businesses


In written advertisements, inc. is an abbreviation for including
...a two-night break for ?210 per person, inc. breakfast and dinner.
= incl.



Intelisys is an American technology services distributor (formerly master agent) that sells commercial voice, data and cloud services through an indirect sales channel of more than 1700 independent sales professionals. Intelisys is founder of Cloud Services University (2012), the first cloud education platform designed exclusively for channel-based sales professionals. Intelisys delivers supplier neutral solutions to end-user customers through a nationwide network of telecom, data and cloud sales and consulting channel professionals via the two-tier distribution model favored in sales of telecommunications network services and cloud services referred to as “the channel”.