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SOFRES - translation to English

Taylor Nelson Sofres plc.; TNS System Three; TNS System 3; System Three; Sofres; Taylor Nelson Sofres plc; TNS-BMRB; TNS Media Intelligence; TNS Nipo; Teleseker; TNS Gallup; TNS Sofres; TNS NIPO; Taylor Nelson Sofres
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  • TNS logo that was used between 2003-2012

company which conducts opinion polls


Kantar TNS

Kantar TNS is a global market research and market information group with offices in over 80 countries. Formerly listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index, the firm was acquired by WPP Group for £1.6 billion in October 2008, when it became part of WPP's Kantar Group.

In April 2019, Kantar announced that it was unifying all its legacy brands (including Kantar TNS) and consolidating all services and offerings under the Kantar brand name.

Pronunciation examples for SOFRES
1. I will reach out to Maura at Sofra on a periodic basis, or
Flour, Too _ Joanne Chang _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of SOFRES
1. Sofres, Ipsos, Ifop, CSA: voilŕ les rois de la campagne.
2. Pour l‘analyste François Miquet–Marty (Louis–Harris), les résultats de la Sofres sont "ennuyeux" pour M.
3. En 1'85, la Sofres constatait que 25% des Français se méfiaient des PDG.
4. Dans le précédent barom';tre présidentiel TNS Sofres/Unilog, Ségol';ne Royal arrivait devant Nicolas Sarkozy.
5. Ce dernier est bloqué ŕ 13,5% selon la Sofres et Ipsos. «C‘est de la foutaise.