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TOM - translation to English

TOM (programming language); TOM; TOM computer language; TOM programming language; Tom (programming language); Tom (disambiguation); TOM (programming language) (disambiguation); TOM (disambiguation); T.O.M.; Tom (character); Tom (TV series); Tom (film)

overseas territories, territories belonging to a nation that are not on the same land mass as the majority of the country, regions that are under the jurisdiction of a country but are not physically connected to it
n. tom tom


·noun The knave of trumps at gleek.
II. Tom ·add. ·noun A familiar contraction of Thomas, a proper name of a man.
III. Tom ·add. ·noun The male of certain animals;
- often used adjectively or in composition; as, tom turkey, tomcat, ·etc.



Tom or TOM may refer to:

  • Tom (given name), a diminutive of Thomas or Tomás or an independent Aramaic given name (and a list of people with the name)
Pronunciation examples for TOM
1. >>Tom: Tom
I'll Mature When I'm Dead _ Dave Barry _ Talks at Google
2. Tom. Tom!
Ripley's Game (2003)
3. Tom: I'm Tom.
4. Tom!
Ripley's Game (2003)
5. Tom.
Rock of Ages _ Adam Shankam _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of TOM
1. Grâce au travail acharné du père de Tom, avocat, le soldat responsable de la mort de Tom a été jugé coupable d‘homicide en juin de cette année.
2. Comme Rod Davis, Brad Butterworth ou Tom Schnackenberg.
3. Tom Kalin invoque aussi des mod';les cinématographiques.
4. Le bémol Tom Cruise Tandis que Spielberg ne perd pas sa légendaire posture – trente ans dans l‘infiniment modeste –, Tom Cruise ne résiste pas aussi bien.
5. Mais Tom Jones méritait–il une recréation de cet ordre?