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Otaheite; History of Tahiti; Otaheiti; Kahiki; Tahitian political parties; Politics of Tahiti; Tahitian Politics; Taiti; Demographics of Tahiti; Culture of Tahiti; Tahiti, French Polynesia; Tahitian dance; Ethnic groups in Tahiti; Economy of Tahiti; Geology of Tahiti; Transport in Tahiti
  • ''Diadem Mountain at Sunset, Tahiti'', [[John LaFarge]], c.{{nbsp}}1891, Brooklyn Museum
  • Wallis]] and Oberea
  • upright=2
  • Pape{{okina}}ete]], depicting the outline of Tahiti on reverse
  • Flag of French Polynesia
  • Captain Cook]]
  • Tahitian coast
  • Mount Aorai in northwestern part Tahiti
  • EEZ]] borders
  • Puna{{okina}}auia]])
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  • Queen [[Pōmare IV]], 1813–1877
  • human sacrifice]] in Tahiti, based on the account of [[Captain Cook]] c.{{nbsp}}1773
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  • Tahiti from space}}
  • Tahiti-Mo'orea map}}
  • [[Abel Aubert du Petit-Thouars]] taking over Tahiti on 9 September 1842
  • tapu]]'').
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  • Tahitian Parae, or Chief Mourner costume, on display in the [[Bishop Museum]]
  • Tahitian children, {{circa}}{{nbsp}}1906
  • Tahitian woman in festive costume, c.{{nbsp}}1906
  • Tahitians in missionary robes
  • [[William Bligh]] overseeing the transplantation of [[breadfruit]] trees from Tahiti
  • Traditional Tahitian "''Ute''" or song performed by Tefanake, Reia, and Moratai, recorded in 1950
  • W. Woolett engraving after [[William Hodges]] of a ''toupapow'', or funeral [[bier]], and Chief Mourner, from Cook's 2nd voyage to Tahiti
  • Tahitians wearing the ''[[pareo]]'' wrap-around garment and practising a {{okina}}upa{{okina}}upa dance

Tahiti, island in the southern Pacific Ocean
Tahitian, pertaining to Tahiti (island in the southern Pacific Ocean)
Tahitian, resident of Tahiti (island in the southern Pacific Ocean)



Tahiti (English: ; Tahitian [taˈhiti]; French pronunciation: ​[ta.i.ti]; previously also known as Otaheite) is the largest island of the Windward group of the Society Islands in French Polynesia. It is located in the central part of the Pacific Ocean and the nearest major landmass is Australia. Divided into two parts, Tahiti Nui (bigger, northwestern part) and Tahiti Iti (smaller, southeastern part), the island was formed from volcanic activity; it is high and mountainous with surrounding coral reefs. Its population was 189,517 in 2017, making it by far the most populous island in French Polynesia and accounting for 68.7% of its total population.

Tahiti is the economic, cultural and political centre of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity and an overseas country of the French Republic. The capital of French Polynesia, Papeʻete, is located on the northwest coast of Tahiti. The only international airport in the region, Faʻaʻā International Airport, is on Tahiti near Papeʻete. Tahiti was originally settled by Polynesians between 300 and 800 CE. They represent about 70% of the island's population, with the rest made up of Europeans, Chinese and those of mixed heritage. The island was part of the Kingdom of Tahiti until its annexation by France in 1880, when it was proclaimed a colony of France, and the inhabitants became French citizens. French is the sole official language, although the Tahitian language (Reo Tahiti) is also widely spoken.

Pronunciation examples for Tahiti
1. steered straight for Tahiti.
2. life, go to Tahiti.
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3. in Tahiti in 1767.
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4. We flew to Tahiti.
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5. Maybe Tahiti, Mexico.
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Examples of use of Tahiti
1. "Avec l‘accord des héritiers, la succession a décidé d‘encourager et de soutenir le projet de TBSA" (Tahiti Beachcomber SA), société déjŕ propriétaire de trois grands hôtels en Polynésie française, déclare–t–il dans le quotidien Les Nouvelles de Tahiti.
2. Christian Brando soupçonnait le Français de Tahiti Dag Drollet, 26 ans, de battre sa demi–sśur.
3. A vous de voir... (http://www.mooreadolphincen...) Manger A Tahiti Le Coco‘s: considéré par beaucoup comme la meilleure table de Polynésie.
4. Selon lui, Tahiti se serait retrouvé sans électricité vendredi soir si les barrages n‘avaient pas été levés.
5. Le gagnant sera récompensé par une perle de Tahiti montée en pendentif offerte par un bijoutier–créateur local bien connu.