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Tamise; Tielrode; Temse, Belgium; Tamise-sur-Escaut; Elversele; Steendorp
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(Figurative) subdued, soft
Thames, river in southern England
sift, soften


·noun A Sieve.



Temse (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈtɛmsə] (listen); French: Tamise [tamiz]) is a municipality in East Flanders, Belgium.

The name Temse is derived from the Gallo-Roman/Gaul Tamisiacum or Tamasiacum. This is also reflected in the French name for the town, Tamise. The main sights include the Church of Our Lady, whose steeple was designed by the famous sculptor Adriaan Nijs, who died in Temse, and who also sculpted the wooden pulpit. Inside the church the relics of Amalberga of Temse are venerated. Close by stands the old "Gemeentehuis" (town hall), built in Flemish Eclectic style, housing a carillon in its main tower.

The municipality, which lies on the left side of the River Scheldt, comprises the towns of Elversele, Steendorp, Temse and Tielrode. On 1 January 2018, Temse had a population of 29,528. The total area is 39.92 km² which gives a population density of 740 inhabitants per km².

Pronunciation examples for Tamise
1. Or went straight to the tamis. You know the tamis. Hours. Before they had these powerful
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2. blenders. The tamis. You take for hours. Right. And you get strong arms. But whoo. Difficult.
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Examples of use of Tamise
1. Bilou est tombé ŕ l‘eau dans l‘estuaire de la Tamise.
2. Chaque année, la Tamise progresse d‘environ 4 millim';tres.
3. Un jardin du souvenir a été ouvert sur les rives de la Tamise.
4. La derni';re en date, en 1'53, a fait 300 morts dans l‘estuaire de la Tamise.
5. Ses bureaux du County Hall font face ŕ Westminster, de l‘autre côté de la Tamise.