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Ulysse - translation to English


Odysseus, hero of the "Odyssey", one of the Greek leaders in the Trojan War, king of Ithaca (Greek Mythology); Ulysses; male first name
Ithaque, one of the Ionian Islands of the west coast of Greece; legendary home of Ulysses
Joyce, female first name; family name; James Joyce (1882-1941), Irish author best known for his novels "Ulysses" and "Dubliners"



Ulysse, the French spelling of Ulysses, is a masculine French given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Ulysse Adjagba (born 1993), French basketball player
  • Ulysse Bozonnet (1922–2014), French ski mountaineer
  • Ulysse Chevalier (1841–1923), French bibliographer and historian
  • Ulysse Delécluse (1907–1995), French clarinetist
  • Ulysse Gémignani (1906–1973), French sculptor
  • Ulysse Trélat (politician) (1798–1879), French doctor and politician
  • Ulysse Trélat (1828–1890), French surgeon
Pronunciation examples for Ulysse
1. like Ulysses and Galileo.
Lunar Atmosphere Dust Environment Explorer _ Butler Hine _ Talks at Google
2. like Joyce's "Ulysses," in the 1920s when
Surviving What Happens _ Mary Cregan _ Talks at Google
3. from "Ulysses" to "Atlas Shrugged" to "Ringworld".
Pep Talks for Writers _ Grant Faulkner _ Talks at Google
4. The reason it's called the Ulysses Storm
There's Great Drying Out _ Evelyn Cusack _ Talks at Google
5. so the Ulysses storm of 1903.
There's Great Drying Out _ Evelyn Cusack _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of Ulysse
1. Ulysse, le fils de Tina Roessler, fait la démonstration.
2. Comment Ulysse s‘est–il fait embarquer dans cette entreprise?
3. C‘est Ulysse, incarné par Valentin Rossier, excellent en demi–teinte.
4. Et Ulysse constate, l‘âme dans le vague, son succ';s.
5. Ulysse, Hector, Achille et les autres Quoi de neuf.