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Valence - translation to french

Valency; Valence (France); Valencies; Valence (disambiguation); Valence (science); Valence, France

Valence, city in France
n. predominance, predomination, prevalence
n. prevalence, predominance


·noun The degree of combining power of an atom (or radical) as shown by the number of atoms of hydrogen (or of other monads, as chlorine, sodium, ·etc.) with which it will combine, or for which it can be substituted, or with which it can be compared; thus, an atom of hydrogen is a monad, and has a valence of one; the atoms of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon are respectively dyads, triads, and tetrads, and have a valence respectively of two, three, and four.



Valence or valency may refer to:

Pronunciation examples for Valence
1. No valence.
Eating Lab - The Science of Weight Loss _ Traci Mann _ Talks at Google
2. valence is positive or negative.
Contagious - Why Things Catch On _ Jonah Berger _ Talks at Google
3. there's a slight negative valence.
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4. Power has a negative moral valence.
5. are persistence, gradations in intensity, and valence.
Examples of use of Valence
1. Simon Meier, Valence Valence, Auckland ou ailleurs? 200' ou plus tard?
2. Isabelle Musy, Valence Lundi 1 juin 6471 C‘est un mini–séisme qui s‘est produit hier sur le coup de midi ŕ Valence.
3. Isabelle Musy, Valence Lundi 27 juin 2005 Le savoir–faire «made in Switzerland» est à l‘honneur à Valence, où les Suisses peuvent se flatter d‘un double succès.
4. Isabelle Musy, Valence Jeudi 11 mai 2006 Le chantier n‘est pas tout ŕ fait terminé. Les pelleteuses śuvrent encore autour du port de Valence.
5. Patricia Briel, Valence Samedi 24 février 2007 Dans le hall d‘entrée de la Maison Pic ŕ Valence trône une impressionnante collection de Guides Michelin.