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Veddas - translation to french

Veddah; Veddas; Veddahs; Veddhas; Veddha; Vaddah; Wanniya-laeto; Wanniyalaeto; Vettar; Native Sri Lankans; Vaddas; Vadda; Wanniyala-Aetto; Veddah people; Vedda people; Genetic studies on Veddas
  • Some of the bows used by the Veddahs
  • Group portrait of Veddah men in the forests, between 1870 and 1904.
  • Sinhala]]-based creole.
  • Most prominent Vedda chief late Tisahamy Aththo
  • Tisahamy Aththo with some Vedda women
  • Traditional Vedda bow and fishing harpoon
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  • A Veddah hunter with bow and arrow
  • A Veddah ritual about to be performed

Vedic, of the sacred writings in Hinduism, pertaining to each of the four books of the Veda
n. Veda, sacred Hindu writings, any of the four holy books of the Veda
n. Vedic, of the Veda, of the sacred writings in Hinduism; of the Vedas, pertaining to each of the four books of the Veda


¦ noun (plural same or Veddas) a member of an aboriginal people inhabiting the forests of Sri Lanka.
from Sinhalese vadda 'hunter'.



The Vedda (Sinhala: වැද්දා [ˈvædːaː]; Tamil: வேடர் (Vēḍar)), or Wanniyalaeto, are a minority indigenous group of people in Sri Lanka who, among other sub-communities such as Coast Veddas, Anuradhapura Veddas and Bintenne Veddas, are accorded indigenous status. The Vedda minority in Sri Lanka may become completely assimilated. Most speak Sinhala instead of their indigenous languages, which are nearing extinction. It has been hypothesized that the Vedda were probably the earliest inhabitants of Sri Lanka and have lived on the island since before the arrival of other ethnic groups in India.

The Ratnapura District, which is part of the Sabaragamuwa Province, is known to have been inhabited by the Veddas in the distant past. This has been shown by scholars like Nandadeva Wijesekera. The very name Sabaragamuwa is believed to have meant the village of the Sabaras or "forest barbarians". Place-names such as Vedda-gala (Vedda Rock), Vedda-ela (Vedda Canal) and Vedi-Kanda (Vedda Mountain) in the Ratnapura District also bear testimony to this. As Wijesekera observes, a strong Vedda element is discernible in the population of Vedda-gala and its environs.