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Waterloo - translation to french

Waterloo (movie); Waterloo/film; Waterloo (disambiguation); Waterloo (film); Waterloo, Canada; Waterloo, Canada (disambiguation); Waterloo Town Hall

Waterloo, town in central Belgium which was the scene of the final defeat of Napoleon in 1815 by Prussian and British forces; city in southeast Ontario (Canada); city in northeast Iowa (USA); disastrous or decisive defeat


¦ noun (usu. meet one's Waterloo) a decisive defeat or failure.
Waterloo, a village in what is now Belgium, site of a battle in 1815 in which Napoleon was finally defeated.



Waterloo most commonly refers to:

  • Battle of Waterloo, an 1815 battle where Napoleon was defeated
  • Waterloo, Belgium, location of the battle

Waterloo may also refer to:

Pronunciation examples for Waterloo
1. Ah, Waterloo, Waterloo Station, Waterloo Station, trains,
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2. song “Waterloo.”
Why Is That Song Stuck in My Head!
3. Waterloo 1815.
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4. was an undergrad at Waterloo.
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5. in the water in Waterloo?"
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Examples of use of Waterloo
1. Le billet comprenait le voyage en train jusqu‘ŕ Waterloo Station.
2. Le terminal international de Waterloo va donc fermer.
3. Chirac devrait pourtant se souvenir de la bataille de Waterloo.
4. Napoléon, premier homme, attendait le maréchal Grouchy, deuxi';me homme, ŕ la bataille de Waterloo.
5. La défaite de son oncle, NapoléonIer, ŕ Waterloo, a contraint la famille ŕ partir de France.