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CWEB; Cweb; CWeb; C web; TANGLE; WEAVE; WEB; Tangle and weave

n. web, World Wide Web, network of HTML documents which are linked together and located all over the world (Computers, Internet)
toile forte en bande      
n. webbing
n. webbing


A web is the thin net made by a spider from a sticky substance which it produces in its body.
...the spider's web in the window.
= cobweb
A web is a complicated pattern of connections or relationships, sometimes considered as an obstacle or a danger.
He's forced to untangle a complex web of financial dealings...
They accused him of weaving a web of lies and deceit.
N-COUNT: usu sing, oft N of n
The Web is the same as the World Wide Web


Web (programming system)

Web is a computer programming system created by Donald E. Knuth as the first implementation of what he called "literate programming": the idea that one could create software as works of literature, by embedding source code inside descriptive text, rather than the reverse (as is common practice in most programming languages), in an order that is convenient for exposition to human readers, rather than in the order demanded by the compiler.

Web consists of two secondary programs: TANGLE, which produces compilable Pascal code from the source texts, and WEAVE, which produces nicely-formatted, printable documentation using TeX.

CWEB is a version of Web for the C programming language, while noweb is a separate literate programming tool, which is inspired by Web (as reflected in the name) and which is language agnostic.

The most significant programs written in Web are TeX and Metafont. Modern TeX distributions use another program Web2C to convert Web source to C.

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Examples of use of Web
1. L‘âge d‘or du Web On entrait ŕ peine dans l‘âge d‘or du Web.
2. Un site web sera bientôt lancé... Des italiens sont en train de me faire un site web.
3. Le Web serait–il en train de démocratiser l‘histoire?
4. Mais quid de services ouverts ŕ l‘ensemble du Web?
5. Web, jeux, GPS, cartes, télévision et cinéma incorporent la profondeur.