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Yasser - translation to french

Yasir (name); Yasir; Yassir; Yaser

Yasser, male first name (Arabic)
Yasser Abed Rabbo
Yasser Arafat         
n. Yasser Arafat (born 1929), chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, president of the Palestinian Authority, one of the founders of the Fatah movement (1929-2004)



Yasser (also spelled Yaser, Yasir, or Yassir; Arabic: ياسر, Yāsir) is an Arabic male name.

Pronunciation examples for Yasser
1. I met Yasser Arafat.
2. Well, when we say, Yasser Arafat,
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3. In 2002 with Yasser Arafat, you were on the phone
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4. shaking the hand of late Yasser Arafat on the wall.
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5. was-was-was signed, was signed Oslo Agreement. And-and when we took Yasser Arafat who before
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Examples of use of Yasser
1. Yasser Arafat est sous la pression des événements.
2. Abbas n‘était que Premier ministre du dirigeant décédé Yasser Arafat.
3. J‘ai toujours été pour les gens de Yasser Arafat.
4. C‘est ce qu‘Yitshak Rabin et Yasser Arafat avaient compris.
5. Yasser Arafat et son état–major sont exilés ŕ Tunis.