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Yishak - translation to french

Yishaq; Yishak; Yizhak; Yitshaq; Yitshak; Yitzhaq; Izhak; Iss'haq; Islamic view of Issac; Itzchak; Yitzchaq; Yizhaq; Iſaac; Ishaque; יִצְחָק; Isaac (Bible); Yitskhak
  • ''Stories of Jacob and Isaac'' by [[Giusto de' Menabuoi]] (14th century)
  • Early 1900s Bible illustration depicts Isaac embracing his father Abraham after the [[Binding of Isaac]]
  • The ''Akedah'' (Binding), mosaic on the floor of [[Beit Alfa Synagogue]]
  • The birth of Esau and Jacob, as painted by [[Benjamin West]]
  • Tomb in the [[Cave of the Patriarchs]], [[Hebron]]
  • ''Ishaq'' name on his grave

n. Yishak, male first name; Yizhaq Tabenkin, former member of the Israeli parliament, labor leader and one of the founders of the "Achdut HaAvoda Party"



Isaac is one of the three patriarchs of the Israelites and an important figure in the Abrahamic religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He was the son of Abraham and Sarah, the father of Jacob and Esau, and the grandfather of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Isaac's name means "he will laugh", reflecting the laughter, in disbelief, of Abraham and Sarah, when told by God that they would have a child. He is the only patriarch whose name was not changed, and the only one who did not move out of Canaan. According to the narrative, he died aged 180, the longest-lived of the three patriarchs.