Iwan der Schreckliche - translation to English
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Iwan der Schreckliche - translation to English

Das schreckliche Mädchen; Das schreckliche Madchen; Das schreckliche Maedchen

Iwan der Schreckliche      
Ivan the Terrible, (1530-1584)
Hugo van der Goes         
  • ''The Fall and Redemption of Man''
  • ''The Adoration of the Kings'' ([[Monforte Altarpiece]])
  • Shepherds from the Portinari Triptych
  • ''Portrait of a Man at Prayer with St John the Baptist''
  • ''Saint George and the Dragon''
  • 280px
  • Adoration of the Shepherds]]''
  • Still life from the Portinari Triptych
  • Portinari Triptych]]
  • ''Death of the Virgin''
Hugo van Der Goes; Hugo Van der Goes; Hugo Goes; Hugo van der goes; Hugo Van Der Goes
Hugo van der Goes, (ca. 1440-1482) flemischer Renaissance Maler, Maler des Kunstwerks "Jakob begegnet Rachel"
Ivan the Terrible         
  • boyarin}} Feodorov, who was arrested for treason. To mock his alleged ambitions on the tsar's title, the nobleman was given tsar's [[regalia]] before his execution.
  • ''Ivan the Terrible Showing His Treasures to [[Jerome Horsey]]'' by [[Alexander Litovchenko]] (1875)
  • Coins of Ivan IV: [[kopeck]]s and [[denga]]s, in silver.
  • Khanates of Crimea, Astrakhan and Kazan in 1550, before Ivan's expansion into the Volga basin
  • Ivan Ivanovich]], son of Ivan the Terrible and [[Anastasia Romanovna]], from [[Illustrated Chronicle of Ivan the Terrible]]
  • Tsar Ivan IV admires his sixth wife [[Vasilisa Melentyeva]]. 1875 painting by [[Grigory Sedov]].
  • Russian expansion]] into Siberia dates back to the 16th century, when Ivan granted the Stroganov family permission to conquer the [[Khanate of Sibir]].
  • Emperor Ivan IV as found in the [[University of Texas]] Portrait Gallery (published in 1901)
  • ''Death of Ivan the Terrible'' by [[Ivan Bilibin]] (1935)
  • ''Ioannes Basilius Magnus Imperator Russiae, Dux Moscoviae'', by [[Abraham Ortelius]] (1574)
  • Ivan's throne (ivory, metal, wood)
  • ''[[Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan]]''. 1885 painting by [[Ilya Repin]]
  • Apostle of 1564]].
  • ''Ivan IV under the walls of Kazan'' by Pyotr Korovin (1890)
  • Portrait of Ivan IV by [[Viktor Vasnetsov]], 1897 ([[Tretyakov Gallery]], Moscow)
Ivan Grozny; Ivan IV; Ivan The terrible; Ivan IV Vasilyevich; Ivan the terrible; Ivan "the terrible" Vasleivich; Ivan Groznyi; Ivan IV the Terrible; Ivan iv; Ivan IV of Moscow; Ivan IV Terrible; Ivan the dread; Czar ivan; Tsar Ivan IV; Ivan The Terrible; Ivan the Awesome; John IV of Russia; Ivan Mriskhane; Ivan Groznyj; Ivan Vasilyevich; Grand Duke Ivan IV The Terrible; Ivan Iv; Ivan IV (Russia); Ivan IV of Russia; Иван Грозный; First Tsar of Russia
n. Iwan der Schreckliche (1530-1584), erster russischer Zar


van der Waals forces
[?van d?'w?:lz, 'v?:lz]
¦ plural noun Chemistry weak, short-range electrostatic attractive forces between uncharged molecules, arising from the interaction of permanent or transient electric dipole moments.
C19: named after the Dutch physicist Johannes van der Waals.


The Nasty Girl

The Nasty Girl (German: Das schreckliche Mädchen) is a 1990 West German drama film based on the true story of Anna Rosmus. The original German title loosely translates as "The Terrible Girl."

The film was selected as the German entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 63rd Academy Awards, in which it was nominated for.

Examples of use of Iwan der Schreckliche
1. Ein Gericht in Israel hatte Demjanjuk 1'88 als den vermeintlichen Treblinka–Aufseher «Iwan der Schreckliche» zum Tode verurteilt, das Urteil aber 1''3 wieder aufgehoben, nachdem sich Hinweise verdichtet hatten, dass es sich um eine Personenverwechslung handeln könne.