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Jad Sarah - translation to german

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Jad Sarah      
Yad Sarah, organization which rents out medical equipment for home use
Sara Lee         
Sara lee; Sarah Lee (disambiguation); Lee, Sarah; Sara Lee (disambiguation)
Sara Lee, amerkanische Aktiengesellschaft mit Hauptsitz in Illinois, weltweiter Hersteller und Anbieter im Einzelhandel (bietet Essen, Kosmetkprodukte usw. an)
Michael Faraday         
  • Punch]]'' (21 July 1855)
  • Christmas Lecture]] at the [[Royal Institution]] in 1856
  • Faraday's grave at [[Highgate Cemetery]], London
  • John Daniell]] (left), founders of electrochemistry
  • ideomotor effect]] on table-turning
  • Built in 1831, the [[Faraday disc]] was the first [[electric generator]]. The horseshoe-shaped magnet ''(A)'' created a magnetic field through the disc ''(D)''. When the disc was turned, this induced an electric current radially outward from the centre toward the rim.  The current flowed out through the sliding spring contact ''m'', through the external circuit, and back into the centre of the disc through the axle.
  • A diagram of Faraday's iron ring-coil apparatus
  •  isbn = 978-0-486-43505-3 }} See plate 4.</ref>
  • location=National Portrait Gallery, UK}}</ref>
  • One of Faraday's 1831 experiments demonstrating induction. The liquid battery ''(right)'' sends an electric current through the small coil ''(A)''.  When it is moved in or out of the large coil ''(B)'', its magnetic field induces a momentary voltage in the coil, which is detected by the galvanometer ''(G)''.
  • Lighthouse lantern room from mid-1800s
  • Plaque erected in 1876 by the [[Royal Society of Arts]] in Marylebone, London
  • Portrait of Faraday in 1842 by [[Thomas Phillips]]
  • ''Chemische Manipulation'', 1828
  • Equipment used by Faraday to make glass on display at the [[Royal Institution]] in London
  • Statue of Faraday in [[Savoy Place]], London. Sculptor [[John Henry Foley]].
  • Three Fellows of the [[Royal Society]] offering the presidency to Faraday, 1857
M. Faraday; Faraday death; Michael farraday; Michael Farraday; Micheal Faraday; Michael Farady; Faradayan; Faraday; Faraday, Michael; Michael faraday; Michal Faraday; Michael Faraday death; Death of Michael Faraday; Sarah Barnard
n. Michael Faraday (1791-1867), englischer Chemiker und Physiker der den Elektromagnetismus entdeckte und damit viel zum Gebiet der Elektrochemie beitrug


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Articolo 31

Articolo 31 is a band from Milan, Italy, formed in 1990 by J-Ax and DJ Jad, combining hip hop, funk, pop and traditional Italian musical forms. They are one of the most popular Italian hip hop groups.