Jadlin Affäre - translation to English
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Jadlin Affäre - translation to English

Flick scandal; Flick-Affäre; Flick-Affaere; Flick-Affare; Flick Affair

Jadlin Affäre      
the Yadlin affair, political extortion scandal which centered around Asher Yadlin who led the General Histadrut labor union


Flick affair

The Flick affair was a West German political scandal of the early 1980s relating to donations by the Flick company, a major German conglomerate, to various political parties, according to Flick manager Eberhard von Brauchitsch, "for the cultivation of the political landscape". Otto Graf Lambsdorff, the federal minister for economic affairs, was forced to resign in 1984 after being accused of accepting bribes from CEO Friedrich Karl Flick.

The affair was made public by the news magazine Der Spiegel, which also gave the public access to documents and files that had been confiscated from the Flick company.