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Jaffo - translation to English

Jaffa, former port city in western Israel which was made a part of Tel Aviv in 1950 (also Yaffa)
Tel Aviv-Yafo         
  • 300px
  • The "[[First International Bank Tower]]" in Tel Aviv's financial district
  • [[Ayalon Highway]], which runs through Tel Aviv
  • [[Begin Road]] as seen from [[Azrieli Center]]
  • Azrieli Sarona tower (238.5 metres high), finished in 2017
  • Bloomfield Stadium
  • 70px
  • Short video about Tel Aviv from the [[Israeli News Company]]
  • left
  • 70px
  • Drive in Arena
  • Independence Hall]]) to witness the proclamation and signing of Israel's Declaration of Independence in 1948
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  • [[Kerem HaTeimanim]] was founded as a predominantly [[Yemenite Jewish]] neighborhood in the center of Tel Aviv.
  • The [[Tel Aviv Marathon]] going through [[Hayarkon Park]]
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  • Arlozorov Young Towers 1, finished in 2020
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  • 70px
  • Menora Mivtachim Arena
  • Ichilov Hospital, part of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
  • Nehoshtan Tower]], Neve Tzedek
  • [[Tel Aviv Museum of Art]], the Herta and Paul Amir Building
  • Eclectic]] (right) architectural styles
  • [[Charles Clore Park]]
  • [[Rabin Square]] and [[Tel Aviv City Hall]] looking northwest
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  • 70px
  • Immanuel Church]], Jaffa
  • Shadal Street in 1926
  • Sarona]], old Templer houses and modern highrises
  • The Vladimir Schreiber Institute of Mathematics at [[Tel Aviv University]]
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  • The [[Azrieli Center]] complex contains some of the tallest skyscrapers in Tel Aviv.
  • Tel-O-Fun bicycle rental system
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  • ''Altneuland'']] ("Old New Land"), for which the title of the Hebrew translation by [[Nahum Sokolow]] was "Tel Aviv".
  • Magen David Square in 1936
  • [[Tel Aviv Pride]] is the largest annual [[pride parade]] in the Middle East and Asia.
  • Tel Aviv seen from space in 2003
  • Tel Aviv at night
  • City plan of Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Tel Aviv old city hall
  • Tel Aviv Central railway station
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  • Bauhaus Museum]] displaying Bauhaus furnishings
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  • Tel Aviv bus station during the Mandate era
  • Levin House]], by [[Yehuda Magidovitch]], backed by skyscrapers
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Tel Aviv-Jaffo (größte Stadt Israels)
Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater         
  • Barak Marshall Rooster at Suzanne Dellal Centre 2010
  • Renana Raz, The Diplomats 2011 by Gadi Dagon
  • Suzanne Dellal Hall
  • Yerushalmi Building 1989
  • Yerushalmi Building 1989
User:Blschaef/Suzanne Dellal Centre; The Suzanne Dellal Centre; The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre; The Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater; Suzanne Dellal Center; Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater
Suzanne Dellal Zentrum für Tanz und Theater (Gebäude in Jaffo das Tanz und kulturellen Auftritten dient)
Pronunciation examples for Jaffo
1. in Jaffa, in Israel.
The Diamond Setter _ Moshe Sakal _ Talks at Google
2. BEN JAFFE: 18.
That's It _ Preservation Hall Jazz Band _ Talks at Google
3. MARLEY JAFFE: Yeah, I can.
Los Angeles Community Broadband Project _ Josh Shapiro _ Talks at Google
4. Ben Jaffe, on the tuba.
That's It _ Preservation Hall Jazz Band _ Talks at Google
5. the younger, beautiful, Palestinian woman from Jaffa.
The Diamond Setter _ Moshe Sakal _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of Jaffo
1. Fünf Kilometer weiter südlich, in Jaffo, wo Christen, Muslime und Juden leben, findet Jom Kippur mitten im Ramadan statt.
2. Alles, was sie sich merken müssen, ist der Satz: "Ich erinnere mich daran, woran ich mich erinnern will." Erleuchtung in Nashville, TennesseeKatz, 1'65 in Jaffo als Sohn einer rumänischen Jüdin und eines Prager Juden geboren, ist ein Autodidakt.