Jahre flogen vorbei - translation to English
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Jahre flogen vorbei - translation to English

Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei; Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei; Edukators
  • Director Hans Weingartner based the film on his past as a political activist.

Jahre flogen vorbei      
the years flew past, the years passed quickly, the years when by rapidly
the years flew past      
die Jahre flogen vorbei


The Edukators

The Edukators (German: Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei) is a 2004 crime drama film directed by the Austrian director Hans Weingartner. A co-production between Germany and Austria, it stars Daniel Brühl, Stipe Erceg, and Julia Jentsch as three young, anti-capitalist Berlin activists involved in a love triangle. The friends, calling themselves "the Edukators", invade upper-class houses, rearrange the furniture, and leave notes identifying themselves. Weingartner, a former activist, wrote the film based on his experiences and chose to use nonviolent characters. The film, shot in Berlin and Austria with digital hand-held cameras, was made on a low budget which Weingartner said kept the focus on the acting.

First shown at the Cannes Film Festival on 17 May 2004 and released in its home countries later that year, The Edukators was praised by critics and audiences. It grossed more than US$8 million worldwide and received a number of awards and nominations. It did, however, receive criticism mainly for its political statements and also for its long running time. It has become a cult film, part of a "German New Wave", and the inspiration for real-life actions and a 2013 stage adaptation in Brazil.