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James, male first name
James Mason         
  • Mason in 1975's ''[[The Flower in His Mouth]]''
  • Mason and his family in 1957 in the television programme ''Panic!''. From left: son Morgan, Mason's wife Pamela, daughter Portland and Mason.
  • Mason in Hitchcock's ''North by Northwest'' (1959)
ENGLISH ACTOR (1909–1984)
Mason, James; James Mason (actor born 1909); James Neville Mason; James Mason (English actor); Enoch Gates
James Mason, (1909-84) britischer Film- und Theaterschauspieler berühmt für seine Rolle in "Lolita"
William James         
  • James in a séance with a spiritualist medium
  • William James in Brazil, 1865
  • Excerpt
  • William James and [[Josiah Royce]], near James's country home in Chocorua, New Hampshire in September 1903. James's daughter Peggy took the picture. On hearing the camera click, James cried out: "Royce, you're being photographed! Look out! I say ''Damn the Absolute!"''
  • 1859}}
William james; James, William; James's theory of the self; James' theory of the self
William James, (1842-1910) amerikanischer Psychologe und Philisoph, Entwickler der pragmatischen Theorie, Bruder des Romanautors Henry James


A person who continually lies even if she knows the person she is lying to knows she is lying.
You James!



James is a common English language surname and given name:

  • James (given name), a typically masculine first name
  • James (surname)

James or James City may also refer to:

Pronunciation examples for James
1. James with James behind James.
Sam & Aaron Taylor-Johnson _ A Million Little Pieces _ Talks at Google
2. - James! James! - Layla!
The Recruit (2003)
3. James.
The Recruit (2003)
4. James!
The Recruit (2003)
5. James...
The Recruit (2003)
Examples of use of James
1. Die erwachsenen Kinder bezweifeln zudem, dass James Brown junior wirklich der Sohn von James Brown senior ist.
2. "Entwicklungshilfe sofort einstellen": James Shikwati 03.
3. AP/ Paramount Pictures Chefingenieur "Scotty" (James Doohan)÷ Bindeglied zwischen Physik und Phantasmagorien Ein typischer Dialog zwischen Captain James T.
4. James, steht Deutschland vor einer Schicksalswahl?
5. Küssen darf James die "Rechtlose" allerdings nicht.