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Jersey Inseln - translation to german

Southern New Jersey; Southern jersey; Southern Jersey; South Jersey, New Jersey; History of South Jersey
  • Northward view from  [[Apple Pie Hill]] in the [[New Jersey Pine Barrens]], August 2014
  • Atlantic City]], a seaside resort famous for its boardwalk and casino gambling, September 2007
  • [[Benjamin Franklin Bridge]] is the oldest of the four vehicular bridges connecting [[Philadelphia]] to South Jersey.
  • Camden]] in 1919
  • Sunset Beach]] on [[Cape May]], May 2009
  • Ocean City]], August 2020
  • An extensive passenger and freight network, now part of [[Conrail Shared Assets Operations]], once served the region.
  • Ocean County]] (in light blue) is considered the border between South Jersey and [[Central Jersey]].
  • Province of West Jersey]] shown in yellow. The [[Keith line]] is shown in red.

Jersey Inseln      
Jersey Isles, group of islands in the English Channel
New Jersey         
  • Orange]]
  • U.S. National Historical Park]] in 2009.
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  • gambling industry]].
  • Koreatown, Bergen County]], across the [[George Washington Bridge]] from [[New York City]]
  • Clinton]] (above), eastward to [[Raritan Bay]] and the [[Atlantic Ocean]].
  • [[Cranberry]] harvest
  • Warren County]] and neighboring [[Pennsylvania]].
  • Ethnic origins in New Jersey
  • New Brunswick]], nicknamed the ''Hub city'' and the ''Healthcare City'', is a focus city for academia, [[healthcare]], and culture in New Jersey.
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  • Jersey City]]
  • 1-56691-949-5}}. Retrieved April 10, 2015.</ref>
  • adj=mid}} [[Morris Canal]] across [[North Jersey]]
  • [[Cape May–Lewes Ferry]] connects New Jersey and [[Delaware]] across [[Delaware Bay]].
  • Manasquan]].
  • A heat map showing median income distribution in New Jersey by county
  • Map of New Jersey's major transportation networks and cities
  • Rahway]]
  • url-status=live}}</ref> served briefly as the U.S. Capitol in the 18th century.
  • Philadelphia Metropolitan Area]].
  • U.S. Capitol]].
  • NFL]] stadiums shared by two teams, is home to the [[New York Giants]] and [[New York Jets]].
  • 40–50%}}

  • colonial era]]
  • [[Old Queens]] at [[Rutgers University]], the largest state university system in New Jersey
  • ''Washington Rallying the Americans at the Battle of Princeton'', a portrait by [[William Ranney]] depicting [[George Washington]] rallying his troops at the [[Battle of Princeton]] in January 1777
  • NHL]]'s [[New Jersey Devils]]
  • Midtown]] [[Manhattan]], [[New York City]]
  • area codes]]
  • Mercer County]] on December 25, 1776, prior to the [[Battle of Trenton]]
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New Jersey
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Jersey Inseln (im Atlantik)


A Jersey cow or a Jersey is a light brown cow that produces very creamy milk.
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South Jersey

South Jersey comprises the southern portion of the U.S. state of New Jersey located between the lower Delaware River in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The designation of South Jersey with a distinct toponym is a colloquialism rather than an administrative definition and reflects geographical and perceived cultural and other differences between South Jersey and the northern part of the state. South Jersey is part of the Philadelphia metropolitan area, the seventh largest metropolitan region in the nation with 6.288 million residents in the core metropolitan statistical area and 7.366 million residents in the combined statistical area as of 2020.

Benjamin Franklin called the state "a barrel tapped at both ends". South Jersey may be defined geographically as the area below I-195 that includes the state's lower seven counties: Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem. North Jersey is generally described as including the counties north of South Jersey that fall within the New York metropolitan area.

South Jersey and the wider Philadelphia metropolitan area have become a U.S. East Coast epicenter for logistics and warehouse construction, Salem County and the lower portion of and upper portion of Cumberland Counties additionally serve as residential communities for the petrochemical industry of New Castle County, Delaware. South Jersey shore communities, including Atlantic City and others in Atlantic and Cape May counties, have a distinct economy centered around the tourism industry. Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties have several older streetcar towns, and many residents from these three counties commute to Philadelphia, the nation's sixth most populous city, which is located immediately west of South Jersey across the Delaware River, accessible by the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Betsy Ross Bridge, and Walt Whitman Bridge.