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Jerusalem Kiefer - translation to german

Jack C. Kiefer; Jack Carl Kiefer; J. C. Kiefer; J. Kiefer; Jack Kiefer (mathematician)
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Jerusalem Kiefer      
Jerusalem pine, type of common pine tree
celestial city         
  • '''The New Jerusalem''' and the River of Life (Apocalypse XII), Beatus de Facundus, 1047
  • '''The New Jerusalem'''. Armenian manuscript by Malnazar and Aghap'ir in [[New Julfa]] bible, 1645.
Jerusalem above; Heavenly Jerusalem; The New Jerusalem; Celestial city; Tabernacle of God; The tabernacle of God; New jerusalem; News Jerusalem
himmlische Stadt (Jerusalem für die Christen)
East Jerusalem         
  • 1961 Jordan Tourism Map of Jerusalem
  • Israeli occupation]] arrangements.
  • Map of East Jerusalem. The Arab areas are coloured green, while the Jewish areas are blue.
  • East Jerusalem, with [[Israeli West Bank barrier]] in the background
  • William McLean's]] 1918 plan was the first urban planning scheme for Jerusalem. It laid the foundations for what became [[West Jerusalem]] and East Jerusalem.<ref>Elisha Efrat and Allen G. Noble, [ Planning Jerusalem], Geographical Review, Vol. 78, No. 4 (Oct., 1988), pp. 387-404: "Modern planning began only after the British conquest of Palestine in World War I… In 1918 an engineer from Alexandria, William McLean, was commissioned to draft the first city plan… These provisions… caused the city to develop mainly to the west and southwest because of the restrictions on construction in the Old City and its immediate environs and the desire to retain the eastern skyline… McLean wanted Jerusalem to expand to the north, west, and south, with little development to the east because of climatic and topographical limitations. Thus almost from the onset of British colonial rule, development was encouraged in a generally westward direction, and this bias ultimately produced the initial contrasts that distinguished the eastern and western sectors of the city. McLean also adopted the principle of urban dispersal, and he proposed two main axes, one to the northwest and the other to the southwest of the Old City. His guidelines were repeated in most of the subsequent city plans."</ref>
  • Greater Jerusalem, May 2006. [[CIA]] [[remote sensing]] map showing areas they consider settlements, plus refugee camps, fences, walls, etc.
  • [[Israeli West Bank barrier]] in Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem municipal area, under Israel in 2000<!-- posted in 2000-->
  • Old City]]
  • King Hussein]] flying over the [[Temple Mount]] while it was under Jordanian control, 1965
  • Old Roman era gate beneath the Damascus Gate (Bab al-'Amud) in Jerusalem
  • The new building is [[Schmidt's Girls College]].
  • City of David]] (shown as "Beit Hazofe" (בית הצופה, "Observation House")) and [[Ma'ale HaZeitim]], and to the north around [[Shimon HaTzadik]].
  • the ancient Jewish cemetery]] on [[Mount of Olives]]
  • East Jerusalem zoning
East-Jerusalem; Eastern Jerusalem; East Jerusalemites; East Jerusalemite; Occupied East Jerusalem; E. Jerusalem; E Jerusalem; History of East Jerusalem; Arab Jerusalem; East al-Quds; القدس الشرقية; מזרח ירושלים; Al-Quds al-Shareef; East Jerusalem, Palestine; Healthcare in East Jerusalem; Demographics of East Jerusalem; Economy of East Jerusalem


·noun The chief city of Palestine, intimately associated with the glory of the Jewish nation, and the life and death of Jesus Christ.


Jack Kiefer (statistician)

Jack Carl Kiefer (January 25, 1924 – August 10, 1981) was an American mathematical statistician at Cornell University (1952 to 1979) and the University of California, Berkeley (1979 to 1981). His research interests included the optimal design of experiments, which was his major research area, as well as a wide variety of topics in mathematical statistics.