voller Schlamm - translation to English
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voller Schlamm - translation to English

Rudi Voller; Rudi Voeller; Rudolf Völler; Rudolf Voeller; Rudolf Voller; Rudy voeller
  • Völler in 2009
  • Völler signs the book of his hometown Hanau, 2002

voller Schlamm      
silty, full of sediment, obstructed by a deposit of silt
adj. durch Ablagerungen verstopft, voller Schlamm


Rudi Völler

Rudolf "Rudi" Völler (pronounced [ˈfœlɐ]; born 13 April 1960), nicknamed "Tante Käthe" ("Aunt Käthe"), is a German former professional football player and manager who previously served as the sporting director for Bayer Leverkusen. He is currently the director of the Germany national team.

A forward, Völler won the FIFA World Cup in 1990 as a player. He also scored an equalizing goal to make it 2–2 in the 81st minute of the 1986 FIFA World Cup Final vs Argentina, but it ended up with a 3–2 victory for Argentina. Along with Mário Zagallo, Franz Beckenbauer and Didier Deschamps, Völler has the distinction of reaching a World Cup final as both a player (1986 and 1990) and as a manager (2002).