von der Nadel kommen - translation to English
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von der Nadel kommen - translation to English

Siegried Frederick Nadel; S. F. Nadel; Siegfried F. Nadel; Siegfried Nadel; Siegfried Frederick Nadel

von der Nadel kommen      
kick the habit, break free from an addiction
John von Neumann         
  • [[Flow chart]] from von Neumann's "Planning and coding of problems for an electronic computing instrument", published in 1947
  • Implosion mechanism
  • Los Alamos]] ID badge photo
  • Von Neumann's gravestone
  • History of approaches that led to NBG set theory
  • Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin]] announcing Neumann's lectures on the theory of functions II, axiomatic set theory and mathematical logic, the mathematical colloquium, review of recent work in quantum mechanics, special functions of mathematical physics and Hilbert's proof theory. He also lectured on the theory of relativity, set theory, integral equations and analysis of infinitely many variables.
  • Von Neumann's birthplace, at 16 Báthory Street, Budapest. Since 1968, it has housed the [[John von Neumann Computer Society]].
  • pmid=8942052}}</ref> Three generations of machine are shown: the second has nearly finished constructing the third. The lines running to the right are the tapes of genetic instructions, which are copied along with the body of the machines.
  • [[Operation Redwing]] nuclear test in July 1956
  • A simple configuration in von Neumann's cellular automaton. A binary signal is passed repeatedly around the blue wire loop, using excited and quiescent ''ordinary transmission states''. A confluent cell duplicates the signal onto a length of red wire consisting of ''special transmission states''. The signal passes down this wire and constructs a new cell at the end. This particular signal (1011) codes for an east-directed special transmission state, thus extending the red wire by one cell each time. During construction, the new cell passes through several sensitised states, directed by the binary sequence.
  • The von Neumann crater, on the far side of the Moon
John Von Neumann; Jon von Neumann; Neumann, John von; Johann von Neumann; Johnny von Neumann; János Neumann; Neumann János; Von Neuman; John v. Neumann; J. von Neumann; Dr. John Von Neumann; John von neumann; John von Neuman; Janos Lajos Neumann; János Lajos Neumann; John von neuman; Margittai Neumann János Lajos; Janos Neumann; Neumann Janos; Jon Von Neumann; Margittai Neumann Janos Lajos; Johann Von Neumann; János von Neumann; Jon van Newman; Neumann János Lajos
John von Neumann (Name), in Ungarn geborener amerikanischer Mathematiker (legte das Fundament für die Spieltheorie und für die Entwicklung von Computern)
Hugo van der Goes         
  • ''The Fall and Redemption of Man''
  • ''The Adoration of the Kings'' ([[Monforte Altarpiece]])
  • Shepherds from the Portinari Triptych
  • ''Portrait of a Man at Prayer with St John the Baptist''
  • ''Saint George and the Dragon''
  • 280px
  • Adoration of the Shepherds]]''
  • Still life from the Portinari Triptych
  • Portinari Triptych]]
  • ''Death of the Virgin''
Hugo van Der Goes; Hugo Van der Goes; Hugo Goes; Hugo van der goes; Hugo Van Der Goes
Hugo van der Goes, (ca. 1440-1482) flemischer Renaissance Maler, Maler des Kunstwerks "Jakob begegnet Rachel"


van der Waals forces
[?van d?'w?:lz, 'v?:lz]
¦ plural noun Chemistry weak, short-range electrostatic attractive forces between uncharged molecules, arising from the interaction of permanent or transient electric dipole moments.
C19: named after the Dutch physicist Johannes van der Waals.


Fred Nadel

Siegfried Frederick Nadel (24 April 1903 – 14 January 1956) was an Austrian-born British anthropologist, specialising in African ethnology.