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Vv cephei; VV Cephei A; VV Cephei B; VV Cep; Binary Star VV Cephei; HD 208816
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  • visual band]] [[light curve]] for one of the eclipses of VV Cephei, adapted from Hopkins ''et al.'' (2015)<ref name=hopkins2015/>

Alcoholics Anonymous         
  • [[Sobriety token]] or "chip", given for specified lengths of sobriety, on the back is the [[Serenity Prayer]]. Here green is for six months of sobriety; purple is for nine months.
  • A regional service center for Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Headquarters of Alcohólicos Anónimos in [[Montevideo]], [[Uruguay]]
  • Building for Spanish-speaking AA group in Westlake neighborhood, Los Angeles
AA Grapevine; Friends of Bill W.; Friends of Bill W; Friend of Bill W.; Dry Drunk Syndrome; Doing a geographical; The Dry Drunk; Friends of Bill; Alchoholics anonymous; Alcholholics anonymous; AA history; Effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous; Research on Twelve Step Effectiveness; Thirteenth Stepping; The Alcoholics Anonymous; Dry Drunk; Alcoholics anonymous; Friend of Bill; Rule 62; AA Basic Text; The A.A. Grapevine; Friend of bill w; Aa.org; Alcoholic's Anonymous; The AA Grapevine; AA meeting; The Sober Truth; Alano club; Efficacy of Alcoholics Anonymous; The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcolisti anonimi (società per aiutare alcolisti)
American Airlines         
  • Image of the signs of the former headquarters
  • American's previous livery on an MD-83
  • American Airlines' fourth logo, used from 1967 to January 17, 2013
  • DC-3]] "Flagship", American's chief aircraft type during the World War II period
  • American operates its largest hub at [[Dallas Fort Worth International Airport]].
  • Passengers exiting plane at the El Paso Airport in  1957
  • Boeing 777-300ER]].
  • "Think of her as your mother", an American Airlines advertisement of flight attendants from 1968.
American Air Lines; Admirals Club; Admiral's Club; AmericanAirlines; American Airlines Cargo; Aa com; American airlines; American Airlines Inc.; American Airways; American Airlines Incorporated; Aa.com; Americanairlines.com; American Airlines Vacations; AA.com; American Airlines, Inc.; American airlines hubs; AmericanAirlines Vacations; AAirwaves; American Airlines Cargo Division; AA Cargo; American Airline; American Air; Americna Airlines; American Airlines Freight; American Airways Inc.; American Airways, Inc.; AMERICAN AIRWAYS, Inc.; American Airlines System; American Airlines, Inc; American (airline); @AmericanAir
una delle maggiori linee aeree nordamericane
anti aircraft artillery         
  • US Coast Guardsmen in the South Pacific man a 20&nbsp;mm anti-aircraft cannon.
  • A No.1 Mark III Predictor that was used with the [[QF 3.7-inch AA gun]]
  • Tornado]].
  • CIWS (close-in weapon system)]]
  • AIM-120]] air to air missile.
  • A French anti-aircraft motor battery (motorized AAA battery) that brought down a [[Zeppelin]] near Paris. From the journal ''Horseless Age'', 1916.
  • St Isaac's Cathedral]] during the [[Siege of Leningrad]] (formerly Petrograd, now called St. Petersburg, ) in 1941.
  • Shooting with anti-aircraft gun in Sweden 1934
  • B-24]] bomber emerges from a cloud of flak with its no. 2 engine smoking.
  • B-24]] hit by flak over Italy, 10 April 1945.
  • IDAS missile]] of the [[German Navy]], which can be fired 
from submerged anti-aircraft weapon systems
  • 88 mm]] flak gun in action against Allied bombers.
  • A Canadian anti-aircraft unit of 1918 "taking post"
  • Layered air defence missile launchers and radars of [[Dutch Armed Forces]] in 2017.
  • Gepard]] in motion at the 2015 Military Day in [[Uffenheim]]. The Gepard is an autonomous all-weather-capable German [[self-propelled anti-aircraft gun]].
  • QF 3.7-inch]] gun in [[London]] in 1939.
  • 1909 vintage Krupp 9-pounder anti-aircraft gun
  • A Maxim anti-aircraft machine gun in the anti-aircraft museum in Finland, 2006
  • The Russian [[Pantsir-S1]] can engage targets while moving, thus achieving high survivability.
  • White Sands]], 1980.
  • Talos]] anti-aircraft missile, fired from a [[cruiser]]
  • The [[Royal Navy]]'s [[Type 45 destroyer]]s are advanced air defence ships
  • A British North Sea World War II [[Maunsell Fort]].
  • MANPADS]] during an exercise at [[Eielson Air Force Base]], [[Alaska]] as part of Red Flag – Alaska.
  • USS New Mexico]] at [[Kamikaze]], [[Battle of Okinawa]], 1945.
  • One of six [[flak tower]]s built during [[World War II]] in [[Vienna]].
  • MG34]] anti-aircraft gun in WW2
Anti-aircraft gun; Air defense artillery; Flak cannon; Ack ack; Ack-ack; Ackack; Anti-air; Antiaircraft artillery; Anti-aircraft artillery; Antiaircraft Weapons; Antiaircraft Weapon; Anti-Aircraft Gun; Anti aircraft; Antiaircraft; Antiaircraft gun; Air defense; Anti-aircraft; Air defence system; Anti-aircraft weapon; Anti-aircraft weapons; Anti-aircraft corps; Anti-Aircraft; Air defence; Anti-aircraft battery; Air Defense Systems; Antiaircraft warfare; Anti-Aircraft Artillery; FLAK; Flak; Fliegerabwehrkanone; Area air defence; Anti-aircraft guns; Anti-aerial warfare; Anti aerial warfare; Antiaerial warfare; Anti-air warfare; Anti air warfare; Antiair warfare; Anti-aerial combat; Anti aerial combat; Antiaerial combat; Anti aircraft warfare; Anti-air combat; Anti air combat; Antiair combat; Anti-aircraft combat; Anti aircraft combat; Antiaircraft combat; Anti aircraft guns; Anti-aircraft missile systems; Anti-aircraft machinegun; Air-defence; AA gun; Area-defence; Air Defence; Anti-air artillery; Anti-aircraft fire; Flak Cannon; Anti-aircraft defence; Air defense system; Ack-ack gun; Anti aircraft battery; Anti-aircraft defense; AA defense; AA warfare; Flak gun; Anti-Aircraft Warfare; Air Defense; Flugabwehrkanone; Anti air-craft guns; Anti aircraft gun; AAA gun; Aa guns; Air defence systems; Anti-aircraft cannon; Flak artillery; Anti-Aircraft Guns; Anti-air defence; Anti-Air Warfare; Air Defence Force; Heavy anti-aircraft; Counter-air defence; Anti-aircraft batteries; Anti-Aircraft Weapons; Defensive counter air; Anti-UAV Defence System; AUDS; Air defence forces; Airdefense; Surface-to-air artillery; History of anti-aircraft warfare; Anti-aircraft weaponry; Anti-aircraft defences; Ground-based air defence; Air defenses; Air defences; A.A. warfare; Aaa warfare; Sam warfare; S.a.m. warfare; A.a.a. warfare; Air defense warfare; Counter air; Counter-air; Counter-air defense; AA defence; A.A. defense; A.A defence; A.A defense; AA defnse; A.A. defnse; A.A. defnce; Ak-ak; Anti-aircraft gunfire; Anti-aircraft warfare (World War II); Anti aircraft artillery; Antiair; UAV countermeasure; Anti-aircraft defence system
artiglieria antiaerea


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VV Cephei

VV Cephei, also known as HD 208816, is an eclipsing binary star system located in the constellation Cepheus, approximately 5,000 light years from Earth. It is both a B[e] star and shell star.

VV Cephei is an eclipsing binary with the third longest known period. A red supergiant, it fills its Roche lobe when closest to a companion blue star, the latter appearing to be on the main sequence. Matter flows from the red supergiant onto the blue companion for at least part of the orbit and the hot star is obscured by a large disk of material. The supergiant primary, known as VV Cephei A, is currently recognised as one of the largest stars in the galaxy although its size is not certain. The best estimate is 1,000 R, which is nearly as large as the orbit of Jupiter.