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atascado - translation to English

= stuck.
Ex: Learn what to do when there is a power outage and how to respond to alarms that signal stuck elevators or that activate security or sprinkler systems.
* quedarse atascado = get + stuck.
  • Un embotellamiento en una calle de [[Rangún]], [[Birmania]].
  • La [[Autopista Francisco Fajardo]] en [[Caracas]], la zona más congestionada de Venezuela.
  • Villa Nueva]], [[Guatemala]].
  • Santiago]], [[Chile]].
  • Embotellamiento en la [[Avenida General Paz]], importante arteria de [[Buenos Aires]] (Argentina).
  • Revista Time]].<ref name=Time_SP />
= bottleneck, traffic jam, snarl-up, jam, traffic congestion, congestion, gridlock traffic.
Ex: A number of research groups have investigated the use of knowledge-based systems as a means of avoiding this bottleneck.
Ex: Compressed image formats such as BMP, DIB, TIFF, GIF and JPEG, have been designed to reduce traffic jams on the information highway.
Ex: However, taxi is a more advisable option considering the never-ending Bangkok traffic snarl-up, especially during the rush hour.
Ex: Plus, being at the mercy of train signals and jams on the roads is not my idea of a good start to the day.
Ex: Traffic congestion leads to reduced quality of life as motorists arrive at their destination frustrated and fatigued.
Ex: The transmission of data on the conventional telephone network is inconvenient because it takes up the available channels for longer times than the average conversation thus causing congestion.
Ex: But the truth is, when we are in gridlock traffic, we have to wait whether we like it or not.
* atasco de papel = paper jam.
* atasco de tráfico = tailback.
* atascos = logjam [log-jam].


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Examples of use of atascado
1. "Marca las diferencias cuando el juego está atascado.
2. El partido se había atascado y necesitaba algo diferente.
3. El problema es que esta etapa se eternice; quedar aquí atascado.
4. Simple: con un ardid de baqueano del tránsito, lo dejó atascado.
5. Hoy, el Madrid es un cuadrilátero atascado con riñas en todos los rincones.