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atestarse - translation to English

stuff oneself, eat and or drink too much
TESTA; Tèsta; Testas; Testa (disambiguation)
cabeza ( head)
= cry, protestation, protest, uproar, contestation, cri de coeur.
Ex: The cry is often heard that it is impossible to put nonbook materials on open shelves because they will be stolen.
Ex: In spite of their protestations to the contrary, most bosses prefer subordinates whom they get along with, who cause them no anxiety, who quietly accept their decisions, who praise them.
Ex: From 1982 however economy measures were introduced and the libraries adjusted to this under protest.
Ex: The film tells of the uproar the librarian created when he extended an invitation to an advocate of theories on black inferiority to address a high school assembly.
Ex: These relations are constructed through negotiations and contestations that cannot be easily divorced from cultural context.
Ex: It is a cri de coeur on behalf of the oppressed people of Palestine.
* canción de protesta = protest song.
* canción protesta = protest song.
* en señal de protesta = in protest.
* hacer una protesta = make + protest.
* lanzar gritos de protesta = cry of protest + go up.
* protesta clamorosa = outcry.
* protesta generalizada = public outcry.
* protesta + no hacerse esperar = cry + ring out.
* protesta pacífica = peaceful protest, peaceful protest.
* protesta popular = street protest.
* protesta pública = public protest.
* provocar una protesta = call forth + protest.


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