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Tiempos dificiles

tiempos difíciles         
(n.) = difficult times, tough times, hard times, embattled time(s)
Ex: In less difficult times the height of stacks was only two metres so that all could easily reach the top shelf. Ex: The article is entitled "Canadian librarians explore ways to deliver the goods in tough times". Ex: The article "My life and hard times: a tale of unspeakable horrors" is a light hearted account of the author's experiences as a part time indexer. Ex: Amidst mounting pressure over external and internal scandals, this is a truly embattled time for the United Nations.
atravesando momentos difíciles      
(adj.) = beleaguered
Ex: The prospect of cost savings for beleaguered university budgets have revitalized in resource sharing.
= pass through, pierce, traverse, go through, insinuate + Posesivo + way through, break through, stab, get through, make + Posesivo + way through.
Ex: The scheme has passed through nineteen editions.
Ex: She waited like Saint Sebastian for the arrows to begin piercing her.
Ex: As he traversed the length of the corridor to the media center, Anthony Datto reflected on the events that had brought him to this unhappy pass.
Ex: A shock of resistance and antagonism went through Zachary Ponder.
Ex: As they insinuated their way through the stack area, the secretary responded that all she knew was that the director had just returned from a meeting.
Ex: Is there a glass ceiling for librarians? If so, what's the best way to break through it?.
Ex: He listened to me and then said "ˆre you finished?" and just walked away -- The woman sat up, as if stabbed.
Ex: I think that the so-called average person often exhibits a great deal of heroism in getting through an ordinary day.
Ex: By the time the Invincible Armada had made its way through the Channel it was dispersed and shattered and broken.
* atravesando momentos difíciles = beleaguered.
* atravesar fronteras = tread across + boundaries.
* que atraviesa la ciudad = cross-town.


Tiempos difíciles

Tiempos difíciles es la décima novela escrita por Charles Dickens. Se publicó por primera vez en 1854 y transcurre en Inglaterra durante la primera industrialización. El libro examina la sociedad inglesa y satiriza las condiciones sociales y económicas de la época. Su título original en inglés es Hard Times - For These Times. Se publicó inicialmente de forma periódica en la revista Household Words, dirigida por el propio Dickens, entre el 1 de abril y el 12 de agosto de 1854.