corregir deficiencias - translation to English
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corregir deficiencias - translation to English

corregir deficiencias      
(v.) = correct + deficiencies
Ex: Most men would want to correct the deficiencies in their performance if they agreed that they were deficient and if there appeared to be enough advantage in correcting them to justify the effort.
= deficiency, failing, shortcoming, shortfall [short-fall], weakness, impairment.
Ex: In view of the frequency with which users could benefit from references to a broader subject this omission must be regarded as a deficiency of A/Z subject catalogue.
Ex: No supervisor should be a tiresome nag, but the achievements and failings of a persons's performance deserves mention in a constructive way at timely, regular intervals.
Ex: He wrote to James explaining the shortcomings of his catalog.
Ex: It seems likely that it is between 80-90% complete but since there are some notable absentees the shortfall in total coverage is a significant one.
Ex: The strengths and weaknesses of natural language indexing derive from this basic characteristic.
Ex: A well-designed multimodal application can be used by people with a wide variety of impairments.
* corregir deficiencias = correct + deficiencies.
* deficiencia auditiva = hearing disorder, hearing impairment, hearing disability.
* deficiencia cognitiva = cognitive impairment.
* deficiencia mental = mental deficiency.
* deficiencias = rough edges.
* deficiencias en el aprendizaje = learning disability.
* deficiencia visual = visual impairment, visual disability.
* personas con deficiencias auditivas, las = hearing impaired, the.
* personas con deficiencias mentales corregibles = educably mentally handicapped (EMH).
* presentar deficiencias = fall + short.
* superar una deficiencia = overcome + weakness.
= correct, make + good, put + Nombre + right, repair, amend, set + right, redress, put + right, right.
Ex: Packages which have been used will be thoroughly tested in various applications, and any weakness corrected.
Ex: Any child who comes to school at five years old without certain kinds of literary experience is a deprived child in whose growth there are deficiencies already difficult to make good.
Ex: In 1986/87 Glasgow District Library spent over £30,000 on vandalism -- both on putting it right and in trying to prevent it.
Ex: In the more common perspective of linear causality, we seek to explain a negative consequence by searching for its root cause and repairing it.
Ex: This article shows how to amend and cancel orders and how to arrange delivery by telefacsimile.
Ex: A serious omission or duplication in a page of prose, for instance, might necessitate the rejustification of dozens of lines, whereas if the mistake had been spotted in the stick it could have been set right in a matter of moments.
Ex: To redress this iniquity women are demanding not only equal pay for equal work, but equal pay for work of equal value.
Ex: The author emphasises the importance of the early stages of planning, where the seeds of failure are often sown, and mistakes made then will be very difficult to put right later.
Ex: The author questions whether this is a transitional phenomenon which will be righted later.
* corregir a mano = hand-correct.
* corregir deficiencias = correct + deficiencies.
* corregir errores = debug.
* corregir exámenes = mark + exams.
* corregir inexactitudes = set + the record straight.
* corregirlo = put + matters + right.
* corregir pruebas = proof, proofread.
* corregirse = clean up + Posesivo + act.
* corregir una prueba = correct + proof.
* corregir una situación = correct + situation, redress + situation.
* corregir un error = correct + error, amend + mistake, correct + wrong.
* corregir un mal = correct + wrong.
* corregir un problema = correct + problem.
* sin corregir = unamended, uncorrected, unrevised.