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Serbia Strong/Remove Kebab         
Remove Kebab (en español: Eliminar Kebab) es un video musical de propaganda anti-musulmana de las Guerras yugoslavas. La frase se originó en Serbia como un eslogan anti-musulmán, que se ha extendido a nivel mundial entre los supremacistas blancos y como un meme de internet que implica la limpieza étnica de los musulmanes.
Ejemplos de uso de remove
1. Whatever your reasoning was in 2004, your failure to take action to remove Elrick now speaks volumes.
2. As head of the million–member teachers union, she could remove a powerful voting bloc from the PRI fold if she were to leave.
3. This Kingdom does not get shook about such things, for God has thought up a calamity from which these people will not remove their necks.
4. Along the narrow spit of land that holds most of Cancun‘s palatial hotels, workers scrambled to board up businesses and remove traffic lights.
5. One solution to this is to make copies, write " Do Not Remove " on them, and take pictures of those removing them, telling them that they are now the last Israelites left in the land.