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Το 100 Bullets (100 σφαίρες) είναι κόμικ βραβευμένο με βραβεία Eisner και Βραβείο Harvey που γράφεται από τον Brian Azzarello και εικονογραφείται από τον Eduardo Risso. Εκδίδεται από την DC Comics μέσω της εκδοτικής Vertigo.
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  • Άνδρες δρομείς περιμένουν τις εντολές του αφέτη για την εκκίνηση.
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9,58 δευτ. (2009)
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FM 100; Fm100
Ejemplos de uso de 100 Bullets
1. False side panels in the crate concealed a rifle, an arrow gun, an appliance for preparing bullets, a gunpowder container, 6,500 empty cartridge shells, 4'0 bullet caps, 100 bullets, 140 spent cartridges and 1,400 slugs.
2. In fact, when the bureau tested one method recommended by the academy on a sample of 100 bullets, the results changed in the "large majority of the cases," he wrote.
3. But the report by the UN‘s Safety and Security Department says it is believed that the lawmakers‘ bodyguards fired at least 100 bullets "deliberately and indiscriminately" into a crowd after the bomb blast.
4. The 36–year–old janitor fatally shot himself in a Presbyterian church early Sunday after killing his wife, a police officer and a church sexton, wounding three other men and pumping more than 100 bullets into a county courthouse, authorities said.