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1065 Αμουνδσενία      
Η Αμουνδσενία (Amundsenia) είναι ένας αστεροειδής της Κύριας Ζώνης Αστεροειδών με απόλυτο μέγεθος (όπως ορίζεται για το Ηλιακό Σύστημα) 11,957. Ανακαλύφθηκε το 1926 από τον Ρώσο αστρονόμο Σεργκέι Ιβάνοβιτς Μπελιάφσκι, που παρατηρούσε από το Σιμέις της Κριμαίας και πήρε το όνομά της από το επώνυμο του Νορβηγού εξερευνητή Ρόαλντ Άμουνδσεν.
Ejemplos de uso de 1065
1. Flight 1065 had 154 passengers and six crew members aboard and was en route from Houston to Portland, Ore., King said.
2. History is littered with people unknowingly doing the wrong thing at the wrong time: learning to spin the week the spinning jenny was invented, climbing the Anglo–Saxon greasy pole in 1065, being born in Russia at almost any point.
3. Checkpoint Charlie In 2004, an unofficial memorial consisting of 1065 crucifixes to those who died trying to cross the divided city was set up at the notorious Cold War Checkpoint Charlie.
4. No expense was spared, and thus the adaptation and reuse of this ancient door must have been a symbolic act to preserve a ritually important element of the Saxon abbey. 1,000 YEARS OF ABBEY HISTORY Edward the Confessor built what is now the abbey between 1045 and 1065 for Benedictine monks It became known as west minster to distinguish it from St Pauls Cathedral, which was the east minster.