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Φραγκολεβαντίνικα; Γκρίκλις; Λατινοελληνικά
Τα Greeklish (Γκρίκλις), από τις λέξεις greek (ελληνικά) και english (αγγλικά), γνωστά και ως Grenglish, Λατινοελληνικά ή Φραγκολεβαντίνικα, είναι η ελληνική γλώσσα γραμμένη με το λατινικό αλφάβητο. Είναι ένα είδος μεταγραφής.
Ejemplos de uso de Greeklish
1. The haul included six bronze coins dating to the Classical and Hellenistic eras, six bronze coins from the Roman era, and other coins as well as an amulet dating to Ottoman times. ‘Greeklish‘ software A Greek institute has devised software to turn the «Greeklish» Latin text transliterations commonly used by Greek Internet users – to the despair of purists – back into the native alphabet. «This software is particularly useful for members of the Greek diaspora living abroad,» a representative of the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) told AFP. «There were negative reactions from people who say our software promotes the use of Greeklish, but we‘ve received many emails of praise,» she said. (AFP) Heavy rainfall Heavy rainfall in the area of Argolida, eastern Peloponnese, yesterday flooded houses in the villages of Panaritis and Argoliko.