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Qué (quién) es Greenpeace - definición

Η Greenpeace είναι μία διεθνής Μη κυβερνητική οργάνωση με σκοπό την προστασία του φυσικού περιβάλλοντος.
Ejemplos de uso de Greenpeace
1. Mr Bryn Jones, UK chairman of Greenpeace, said Greenpeace had never had threats from terrorist organisations.
2. Greenpeace slammed Thursday‘s pledges as inadequate.
3. Evangelina Carrozo, Greenpeace activist and carnival qu...
4. On Tuesday Greenpeace environmentalists clashed with the whalers, with each sides accusing the other of dangerous tactics after Greenpeace activists failed to prevent the factory ship from refueling.
5. A founding member of Greenpeace, Watson now heads the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which broke away from Greenpeace and believes in action rather than protests.