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Ο Γκρουτ (αγγλικά: Groot /ɡruːt/) είναι φανταστικός χαρακτήρας των Marvel Comics. Οι δημιουργοί του ήταν οι Σταν Λι, Λάρι Λίμπερ και Τζακ Κίρμπι, με την πρώτη του εμφάνιση στα κόμικ να γίνεται τον Νοέμβριο του 1960 στο Tales to Astonish #13.
Ejemplos de uso de Groot
1. Groot joined the law school in 1'73 and taught criminal law and procedure.
2. "Die Groot Krokodil," Afrikaans for "the great crocodile," had been trapped by the laws of a country he never wished to see.
3. Dekker will be replaced by fellow Dutchman Bram de Groot, who will be competing in his fifth Grande Boucle on July 1 to 23.
4. Groot, a Washington and Lee University law professor who assisted the defense in the trial of Washington–area sniper Lee Boyd Malvo, died Saturday of natural causes.
5. Besides the police statements, Boere also gave an interview to the Dutch Algemeen Dagblad newspaper in which he recalled slaying bicycle–shop owner Teun de Groot when he answered the doorbell at his home in the town of Voorschoten.