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Qué (quién) es IB - definición

Άι-μπι; ΙΒ
Η συντομογραφία λατινικών χαρακτήρων IB ή Ib (στην αγγλική γλώσσα προφέρεται άι-μπι) και αριθμός ελληνικών χαρακτήρων ΙΒ´ ή ιβ´ μπορεί να αναφέρεται:
Ejemplos de uso de IB
1. IB has become a barrier to work and entrenches poverty.
2. Discussions were also held with officers of Intelligence Bureau (IB).
3. Why, even the ISI seems to be far more organised than IB/RAW, judging by the number of times they have outwitted the IB/RAW.
4. For example, GPs sign people on to IB, but 30% of GPs never fill in the form so those people sit on IB forever unquestioned.
5. CA IB is one of those Western companies," he said.