ICQ - significado y definición. Qué es ICQ
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Qué (quién) es ICQ - definición

Η ICQ είναι μια πλατφόρμα ανταλλαγής άμεσων μηνυμάτων και το όνομά της προέρχεται από την αγγλική φράση I seek you (Σε αναζητώ).
Ejemplos de uso de ICQ
1. By Guy Griml Tags: ICQ, Israel Yair Goldfinger, the prolific entrepreneur and confounder of instant messaging pioneer ICQ, recently exited another one of his investments, for an undisclosed price.
2. The group used the ICQ instant messaging system to set up drug deals for young people.
3. If you‘re on your PC, send text messages using Spikko (from next month) or ICQ.
4. Amnon Amir, also a power behind ICQ, is involved in the product development but holds no official title.
5. America Online, with its AIM and ICQ brands, counts more than 40 million IM users in the United States alone.