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Qué (quién) es RFC - definición

Requests for Comments (RFC) είναι μια σειρά κειμένων (εγγράφων) και σημειώσεων για την τεχνική και την οργάνωση που διέπουν το Internet (παλιότερα το δίκτυο ARPANET), ξεκινώντας από το 1969.
Ejemplos de uso de RFC
1. Erdimi‘s RFC was part of an anti–Deby rebel coalition that attacked Chad‘s capital N‘Djamena early in February.
2. His skills developed when he was coached by Paul Lovatt, the schools liaison officer at Frome RFC.
3. Despite this he plays full–contact rugby for Frome RFC in Somerset and is now captain of the under–11s.
4. Both the RFC and UFDD were among the four rebel groups who signed up to a Libya–brokered peace deal just last month.
5. He also describes attempts by the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) to drop bombs on tribesmen encamped close to the border with Afghanistan.