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Qué (quién) es Rammstein - definición

Οι Rammstein είναι γερμανικό industrial metal συγκρότημα με έδρα το Βερολίνο. Αποτελείται από τους Till Lindemann (φωνητικά), Richard Z. Kruspe (κιθάρα & 2η φωνή), Paul H. Landers (κιθάρα), Oliver "Ollie" Riedel (μπάσο), Christoph "Doom" Schneider (ντραμς) και Christian "Flake" Lorenz (πλήκτρα).
Ejemplos de uso de Rammstein
1. Rammstein, Within Temptation, HIM (FIN), and others.
2. RAMMSTEIN IS comprised of six working–class musicians, all born and raised behind the Berlin Wall.
3. The headliners at the three–day bash are Rammstein, Within Temptation, and local heroes HIM.
4. She loved the German band Rammstein and signed up for a language class to understand the lyrics.
5. This influence can be seen, for example, in the band‘s eponymous song "Rammstein"÷ "Rammstein/ A man is burning/ Rammstein/ The smell of flesh lies in the air/ Rammstein/ A child is dying/ Rammstein/ The sun is shining," and in songs such as "Do You Want to See the Bed in Flames" and "White Flesh." Rammstein‘s lyrics also have something in common with the poetry of Gottfried Benn, the Berlin venereal disease expert expelled by the Nazi party for perversion÷ "Red welts on white skin/ I hurt you/ and you cry loudly/ Now you are scared and I am ready/ your white flesh becomes my scaffold/ in my heaven there is no god." Of course, these images have a far more obvious historic antecedent in German cultural history÷ The fascination with occultism, death–worship, blood, ferocity, nihilism, powerlust and sadism found its fullest expression, as everyone knows, in the Third Reich.