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Ο SMERSH (ρωσ.: СМЕРШ) (ελληνική απόδοση: Ειδικές Μέθοδοι Ανίχνευσης Κατασκοπείας) ήταν τμήμα αντικατασκοπείας του Σοβιετικού Στρατού και ιδρύθηκε στις στις 14 Απριλίου 1943.
Ejemplos de uso de SMERSH
1. It‘s no accident, then, that Le Chiffre, the villain in that book, was said to be the chief treasurer for the Russian spy organisation, Smersh.
2. It introduced not only Bond, but the evil organization SMERSH, as well as model Bond villain Le Chiffre (French for "the number"). One of the book‘s set pieces is a baccarat duel between Bond and Le Chiffre.
3. Ever since my infant heart lurched at its first smudgy SWALK before growing up to thrill at NORWICH, I have often felt my load a little lifted by SNAFU and AWOL, PLUTO and SONAR, CREEP and MASH, SMERSH and UNCLE, JICTAR and OGPU, OINK and TWINK, ASBO and NIMBY and, yes, even MAD.